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I introduced your game on a game site with Turkish content.

Oh, wow. That's very cool! I am flattered. Thank you for supporting my work


You’re welcome. Is there an e-mail where I can reach you?


This was cute, I'd buy a physical cart if I could.


thank you, HipsterElephant. I will continue that demo/prototype game, one day adding more levels, game mechanics, monsters,… (and why not a physical release).

no problem! c;

Hey guys, I loved the game, I wish I could play the full version. I recorded a gameplay doing 2 loops in Demo 2019. Congratulations and keep making games for NES please!

thank you,

I am glad you liked this little game.

I will certainly expand it one day (just need to find time to go back on that project).

Thanks for the YouTube video link 😘